Christina’s Tip of the Week: 4 Steps to Great Chipping

Imagine the number of strokes you could save if you could get up and down in two every time you’re just off the green? The short shots can be intimidating, but chipping is actually EASY—if you have a good setup and use the right technique. LPGA professional Christina Ricci shows us how it’s done (hint: remember her mantra to maintain your angles and keep your hands “low toward the hole” throughout the swing).

Christina Ricci is an LPGA teaching pro, TPI Certified Golf Level 3 and a best-selling golf author (check out her Golf Survival Guide books here). She has helped grow and promote the game of golf to women in her own unique way since 2008. Click here to sign up for Christina’s weekly golf tips.

Ever wasted a good drive with a thin or chunked approach shot? It’s one of the worst feelings on golf. Making consistent, solid contact with your irons is a feat that seems simple enough but can be downright impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing. LPGA professional Christina Ricci has some great fairway-shot keys for you in this Tip of the Week.

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