Summer is Around the Corner—Time to Re-Grip Your Clubs!

Replacing the old grips on your golf clubs is a quick and easy way to drop a few strokes from your scores. When I give a golf lesson, the student’s grips are one of the first things I evaluate, since they reveal wear patterns from holding the club incorrectly or with too much pressure. But it also tells me whether it’s time to change the tires on the player’s clubs.

By Le Ann Finger for

How do you know if you need new grips? If they feel slippery or appear worn, it’s time to get new grips. Slippery grips require you to hold the club with more pressure, which interferes with making a good golf swing. A general rule of thumb is to re-grip your clubs once a year.

Visit your LPGA or PGA Professional for help in getting the proper size grip for your hand. Grip manufacturers now offer new grips designed for a number of variables—some with cushioning under the grips, and some designed to absorb moisture (perspiration, rain, etc.). They also come in a variety of fun colors, which allows you to spice up your set if you want. Once you have new grips, your clubs will feel new again and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the way you hold your clubs, which will lead to better shots and lower scores.

Le Ann Finger, a PGA of America and LPGA Class A teaching professional, is the Director of Player Development for the EWGA. Click here to learn more about Le Ann and the EWGA.

(Images courtesy of Pure Grips and Lamkin Grips.)

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