Women’s Golf Day: How YOU Can Get Involved

What lasts 24 hours, is celebrated in 35 countries around the world, and gets over 30,000 women involved in the game we love? Women’s Golf Day, which launched its inaugural event to great fanfare and participation last summer (pictured above is the 2016 Women’s Golf Day celebration at Willowcreek Golf Academy in Atkinson, N.H., hosted by GolfForHer.com contributor Christina Ricci), and is coming back for round two on June 6, 2017.

By Hally Leadbetter

Already in 500 locations and counting, Women’s Golf Day is a global movement that aims to completely overhaul the conventional approach to get women interested in golf. “I was sitting in the same conferences for 16 years, listening to guys say, ‘We have to get more women involved—we should have a fashion show!’’’ Women’s Golf Day founder Elisa Gaudet says in a phone interview. “And I would say, ‘If you guys think you’re going to grow the game for women through fashion shows and pizza parties, you’re missing the boat.’”

So how do you get women to try golf? With a welcoming, all-inclusive format that suits women’s wants and needs.

Women’s Golf Day consists of two segments, one golf-focused and one more social. “The women have a choice during the first two hours of the day. They can either play nine holes, if they’re already a golfer, or participate in a two-hour lesson if they’re a beginner,” said Gaudet in an interview with Golf Channel. After that, there are two hours of networking with the other participants, perhaps with speakers or any other organizations from the community that wish to contribute to the event. As long as the two-part format is adhered to, Gaudet says the clubs are free to make the event their own. “We let the clubs do whatever they like—it’s their own entity for that day.”

“From all the data points that we’ve received, women don’t feel uncomfortable [when they think of picking up golf]; they’re intimidated. This format helps eradicate that,” said Gaudet. “Women who have never played are mingling with women who have. That’s the game changer.”

So how do you get involved? For starters, you can check the Women’s Golf Day website for locations near you, and if there isn’t one, sign up your home course. “It’s as simple as going to your club’s pro and saying, ‘Hey, we would like to do this—let’s have this at our club,” says Gaudet. After that, just register your site and follow the instructions for the simple two-part format. Once your location is registered, the Women’s Golf Day team will help spread the word about your specific event through their newsletter and social media.

“Ours is supposed to be the kick-off for everybody to do more [to further their golf careers]. Take the five-week lesson package, play in your corporate outing, whatever your appetite may be. There’s a bigger message than just ours.”

To register your location for Women’s Golf Day, click here.

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